PA Statewide Conference on AMD and AMR - Atherton Hotel, State College, PA - August 2006


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Operations & Maintenance of Passive Treatment Systems

Generic O&M Plan Table of Contents

Operation and Maintenance Plan
Clean Stream Watershed Association Jones Site

  1. Site Overview
    1. Common Design Features
    2. GB
    3. Pond 23
  2. Treatment System Inspections
    1. Equipment
    2. What to Look For
    3. Measuring Flow Rates
    4. Measuring and Controlling VFP Water Levels
  3. Treatment System Sampling
    1. Sampling Locations
    2. Sampling Parameters and Methods
    3. Data
  4. Treatment System Flushing
    1. Equipment
    2. Before Starting to Flush
    3. General Flushing Instructions
  5. Potential Maintenance Issues and Remedies
    1. Inlet Distribution Structures
    2. Rodents and Other Pests
    3. Solids Accumulation
    4. Limestone Replacement

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