PA Statewide Conference on AMD and AMR - Atherton Hotel, State College, PA - August 2006


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Steering Committee

Shaun Busler — Stream Restoration, Inc.
Donna Carnahan — PA Department of Environmental Protection
Ann Daymut — Blackleggs WA
Beth Dillon — SRBC
Jim Eckenrode — Blair Conservation District
Carey Entz — Northumberland Conservation District
Bob Eppley — Blacklick Creek WA
Kate Feissner — EMARR
Jeffrey Gerard — WPCAMR OSM/VISTA
Bruce Golden — WPCAMR
Tom Grote — KBI
Cathy Haffner — Columbia Conservation District
Mike Hewitt — EPCAMR
Bernie Hoffnar — Six Mile Run
Robert Hughes — EPCAMR
Mark Killar — Western PA Conservancy
Ryan Koch — RC&D Pocono
Len Lickvar — Somerset Conservation District
Pam Meade — CWA / CCWA
Brent Means — Department of Environmental Protection/Office of Surface Mining
Pam Milavec — PA Department of Environmental Protection
Jim Panaro — Robindale Energy
Curt Piper — PA Department of Environmental Protection
Missy Reckner — KC Stream Team
Cheryl Snyder — PA Department of Environmental Protection
Dave Steele — S. Alleghenies RC&D
Valerie Taylor — EPCAMR OSM/VISTA
Lois Uranowski — Office of Surface Mining

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