PA Statewide Conference on AMD and AMR - Atherton Hotel, State College, PA - August 2006


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Hiring and Managing a Consultant


Ben Wright
Director of Watershed Field Services
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy


This presentation shares with the audience experiences of an environmental professional working with consultants.  The goal is to help conservation organizations avoid some of the common mistakes made when dealing with contracts, expectations and overall project management. The session is also designed to be interactive allowing plenty of time for questions, answers and other perspectives.


Originally from Indiana County, Ben Wright has been witness to watershed related issues all of his life. Ben attended Penn State University, where he completed a degree in Environmental Resource Management and a technical area in watershed management. From College, he diversified his background by taking jobs as an environmental educator, a wildlife manager, and previously worked in the Philadelphia area. Currently, Ben works as the Assistant Director of Watershed Programs for Western PA Conservancy’s Freshwater Conservation Program, where he helps to assist groups with legal, technical and data management help. He also coordinates other initiatives through the Freshwater Conservation Program such as watershed assessments, riparian restoration activities and some environmental education. One of Ben's current projects is the Riparian Restoration and Protection Initiative. Through this project Ben educates and engages landowners to the role and importance of Riparian Buffers. Ben also sits on various boards and committees throughout the state.

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