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Writing for Environmental Professionals


Pete Geisler
Duquesne University


Writing for Environmental Professionals is presented in five parts:

  1. Your motivation to improve your writing: better proposals and reports attract funding, people who write them attract attention and are promoted, and firms that submit them are more efficient and profitable. A few statistics support the premise.
  2. What is "better?" Clear, concise, and purposeful are the keys.
  3. Lifestyle and lifetime tips on how to write like a pro; empathy with your readers and how to develop it (the profile); and the ten-minute drill (the process).
  4. A short proposal and why it failed.
  5. Resources for further learning.


Pete Geissler has written extensively about the environment, energy, management, technology, marketing, and other topics germane to scientists, engineers, and businesspersons. He teaches writing at Duquesne University’s Graduate School of Environmental Science and Management, and delivers a variety of seminars at the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and various companies.

Pete has authored three books on management, one a publisher’s best seller. His fourth book, WordSuccess: Why and How Your Words can Express You to the Good Life, demonstrates conclusively that the quality of writing and speaking is key to personal and organizational success. He can be reached at or

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