PA Statewide Conference on AMD and AMR - Atherton Hotel, State College, PA - August 2006


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Grant Writing Fundamentals


Janie French
Pennsylvania State Coordinator
Canaan Valley Institute


This session will include an in depth overview of process, structure and skills needed for writing successful proposals. Grant writing isn't just about putting words on paper. Grant writing is a process that begins with developing a solid program. Participants will learn how to structure a request and how to follow through on making the request. The presentation will investigate factors, including appropriate support documentation, which can determine whether your program gets funded.

Once funding is received, participants will learn how to communicate with funders on project status and accomplishments. The reporting to funders is a critical step to ensuring strong future relationships and is one that is often overlooked. The session will include an interactive exercise and informal peer to peer discussion.


Janie French has worked professionally and volunteered for various non profit organizations for more than 26 years. During this time she assumed many roles such as serving on development committees, leading fundraising campaigns and working to build the organizational leadership capacity for a number of community and statewide organizations. As program manager for the Headwaters Charitable Trust, she raised over $1 million in grants for projects that focused on natural resource sustainability in rural northcentral Pennsylvania. She has served as a technical advisor to the Coldwater Heritage Partnership small grants program for PA Trout. And for 8 years has managed Canaan Valley Institute's small grants program. She has served on various grant review committees such as the League of Women Voters Water Resources Education Network, DCNR's Environmental Education Grants Program and The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Targeted Watershed Grants program which recently awarded $12 million to groups focused on nutrient reductions in the Chesapeake Bay.

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