PA Statewide Conference on AMD and AMR - Atherton Hotel, State College, PA - August 2006


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Passive Treatment 101


Brent Means
Office of Surface Mining


Why aren't all passive treatment systems alike?  How do you sustain them throughout their lifespan?  Explore various strategies and how they correspond to the chemistry of the discharge.  AMD 101 or equivalent knowledge will be helpful.


Mr. Means holds a MS degree in Hydrogeology from Wright State University. He previously worked for USGS and was in coal consulting before joining OSM 6 years ago in the Harrisburg Field Office. Brent has made mine water treatment his passion; acting as a leader within the agency for the development of new and improved treatment technologies; Brent is the technical lead in development of AMDTreat, software developed to cost out treatment options and determine financial forecasting of future expenditures. Also Brent has been a lead developer and instructor of the OSM Passive Treatment Course and has been instrumental in developing the technical program for the Mine Water Treatment Conference.

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